Contact Information

CRVS Focal Point: 

Ms. Tiensi Teea
Registrar for Births, Deaths and Marriages
Ministry of Women, Youth and Social Affairs

RSG Member: 

Ms. Tebete England
Deputy Secretary
Ministry of Justice

Key Indicators

Teenage Fertility Rate
21.10 Per 1000

Total Fertility Rate
3.70 %
Population Growth Rate

Crude Birth Rate
28.50 Per 1000

Crude Death Rate
7.00 Per 1000

Implementation Status

National CRVS Coordination Mechanism

Comprehensive Assessment

National Targets

Monitoring and reporting plan
Inequality Assessment

National CRVS strategy

National CRVS Focal Point

Reporting to ESCAP
In Progress
Not Started
No Information

National Targets

Goal 1

Target 1A

Target 1B

Target 1C

Target 1D

Target 1E

Goal 2

Target 2A

Target 2B

Goal 3

Target 3A

Target 3B

Target 3C

Target 3D

Target 3E

Target 3F

Target 3G

Target 3H