Across the world today more than ten million people are told they don’t belong ANYWHERE. They are called ‘stateless’. They are denied a nationality. And with it, they are denied their basic rights. Statelessness can mean a life without education, without medical care, or legal employment. It can mean a life without the ability to move freely, without prospects, or hope. Statelessness is inhumane. The main reason people are stateless is because of discrimination. Because of their ethnicity. Because of their religion. Because in some countries women cannot pass their nationality on to their children. We believe it’s time to end this injustice. With enough courage we know it is possible. Governments can change their laws and procedures, and give stateless people their rights and a place to belong. In this sense, for example, the Philippines just passed a resolution exempting persons of Indonesian descent residing in the Municipality from civil registration fees and fees for the correction of entries in the civil registry. Within ten years, we can ensure everyone has a nationality. Because if we don’t this injustice will only get worse. Read more.