Monday 31st December 2018

A two-day consultative stakeholder workshop on Civil Registration and Vital Statistics was held in the Maldives between 14 – 16 December 2018. The main objective was to investigate the different systems that record vital events in the country and how the systems can be centrally integrated to address the challenges faced in the Central VRS database. The deliberations went for two days among stakeholders and included the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Local Government Authority (LGA), Department of National Registration (DNR), Ministry of Health (MoH), National Information and Communication Technology (NCIT) and the main hospital. National Bureau of Statistics(NBS) took the initiative in carrying forward the consultative process. The meeting concluded with a follow-up meeting after one week with NCIT reporting on the practicality of DNR doing data entry in the system established at the island council level. The work plan for 2019 was also discussed at the follow-up meeting.