Improving the coverage of civil registration requires individuals and families to know the value of declaring vital events to relevant authorities and to be willing to do so. Public engagement, participation and demand generation involves enhancing public awareness of the importance of declaring vital events and the value of vital statistics, and efforts to remove barriers to registration at all levels.

Example activities

  • Undertaking national campaigns or drives to encourage individuals and families to declare and register vital events;
  • Undertaking national and subnational advocacy and outreach specifically directed to hard-to-reach and marginalized population groups;
  • Identifying and removing barriers to registration, in particular those that impede access by persons from marginalized groups;
  • Undertaking advocacy on the benefits of vital statistics and sponsoring vital statistics as a theme for national statistics day;
  • Reviewing incentives and penalties in relation to the civil registration of vital events and considering ways to make these more effective and avoid unintended effects and adverse impact on the realization of rights, such as access to health and education;
  • Including representatives of civil society, such as communities and non-governmental organizations, on national CRVS coordination mechanisms.